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About Hydrofiel

Hydrofiel is a diving association in Groningen with over 60 members. The motto is “Nothing is obligated, but anything goes”. While Hydrofiel does not support a fixed method, many members have a PADI-background. Also organizations like NOB and GUE are present amongst the members. Certified divers from all organizations and of any level are welcome! If you don’t have a certificate, were collaborate with DuikenIN, who offer PADI-diving courses. Hydrofiel has the goal of, easing, facilitating and stimulating diving in the north of The Netherlands. To accomplish this, Hydrofiel organizes outside dives, swimming pool trainings and other activities related to diving. We dive for fun. Both for beginners and for experienced divers were organize activities. The divers have varying interests, from underwater-photography and -film to wreck diving and from vacation divers to technical divers.
It's the members that make Hydrofiel: around twenty active members organize the activities, trainings, outside dives and produce content for the (digital) magazine the “Hydrofolio”. As a member you can contribute to these events. You can put forth new ideas or suggestions. This is very much appreciated.
Since 2007, Hydrofiel has been privileged to dive in the Piccardthofplas. This is not just for fun. We log the underwater-life. Within the association a lot of knowledge and attention are devoted to the underwater-biology and we identify life below the surface. Hydrofiel stimulates diving. We strive to make our members aware and feel involved with the underwater environment.
Aside from the large interest in biological aspects, we have a very active photo and filmteam. This team i.e. produced a dvd “Het Veenmeer, the four seasons”. The team also made a birthday calendar for the members.
Surrounding diving safety, Hydrofiel is confirm with the PADI prescriptions and certifications. This means that we expect the necessary certificates and specialities from the members that take part in activities like current diving.
Hydrofiel is connected with the “Duik Holland Schoon” foundation, Belangenvereniging Duikondernemend Zeeland and the ANEMOON association. In the past (1998) Hydrofiel received the “Duik-Holland-Schoon” trophy.

History of Hydrofiel

Hydrofiel is not just a diving club
For water-loving Groningen and surroundings, the 22nd of February 1995 was a memorable day. Instead of a tuxedo, the notary confirm the creation of “Diving Association Hydrofiel Groningen” (Hydrofiel) by signing a contract.

Hydrofiels beginning
It all started way back in 1995 by the opening of the diving school/-shop, “De Tuimelaar” at the time located at the A-Weg in Groningen. A couple of the enthusiastic divers decided to start an association. A few of those early members are still active at the club.

Hydrofiel makes people dive
It’s was immediately clear what ties the future Hydrofielers. Hydrofiel makes people dive, was and still is the motto. Hydrofiel has never educated divers, but did facilitate and stimulate diving.

Hydrofiel Grows
Hydrofiel grew quickly, maybe because there were no lessons. The friendly culture was visible throughout the association, with the swim trainings and the club magazine being platforms for this cosy atmosphere, where “nothing’s obligated, but everything goes” (within safety regulations). The trainings were both creative and serious. There was always room for socializing. The “Hydrofolio”, the club magazine, which appeared six times a year, until the website took its place (in 2015), reflected this, filled with contributions from the members. A tradition which will continue through our website.

Hydrofiels spread their wings
Quickly, the board and organization of the association became more profession, to accommodate the growing amount of members. The outside dives were now planned in a roster. Dive guides played a coordinating and guiding role and first-aid kits and oxygen cases arrived.

Despite the professionalization, freedom, equality and creativity remained, with a variety of activities as a result. Also diving trips started to inspire. The first tips were with the Tuimelaar, but Hydrofiel quickly started organizing their own trips. First single days, but quickly weekends and complete holiday weeks. Zeeland, Denmark and Egypt are amongst the most visited destinations. Photography and film led to the creation of the Photo- and Filmteam in 2000, which got a broad role with photography training, presentations and more.

Hydrofiel rewards its active members
The board realized that a club can only be as active, undertaking and dynamic as its members. As a sign of appreciation, these members deserved a reward, which led to the yearly “kaderdag”.
Since 2000, Hydrofiel organizes around five “winter evening narrations”, during which member, but also frequently external speakers give a water- and dive related presentation. This includes readings, but sometimes also excursions. These activities make Hydrofiel a unique and close association. This allowed the members to expand their knowledge and experience with regards to water and diving.

Hydrofiel builds relationships
Even though Hydrofiel was a cosy association, it maintained an open view, which led the new relations and activities. Hydrofiel took initiative to collaborate with other associations using the Aquafiel foundation. Maybe even more noticeable were collaborations with external parties, which sometimes gave Hydrofiel publicity in the news. For instance, in 1997 and 1999, Hydrofiel had an important role in the creation of “Duik Holland Schoon” (Dive Holland Clean), of which 1999 was most commemorable. Hydrofiel also surfaced a heavy anchor from the flagship of Groningen “Voorwaarts Voorwaarts”. It was also Hydrofiel who cleaned the pond between the Kruis- and Leliesingel, after the “Noorderzon” activities in 2003.
From a different category, Hydrofiel made an agreement with the Nature monuments Foundation that it was allowed to continue diving in the Piccardthofplas, as one of the few associations. In return, the association would catalogue everything that lives and happens there.

Hydrofiel honors those who deserve it
In the meantime, the General Members meeting (ALV) has appointed the first honourable members, which is telling about both the members and the maturity of the association. Even still, this only grasps the rich history of Hydrofiel. It shows that Diving Association Hydrofiel Groningen is not just a diving club, but a unique association where diving is facilitated and stimulation, where nothing is obligated, but anything goes and where peer-pressure, jealousy, competition and self-assertion do not exist.


  • How can I register as a member?
    Registration can be done through the registration form which can be found here.
  • What does membership cost?
    A membership costs €65,- a year. You pay this from the month of registration. Members younger than 15 pay €43,-. You can also choose to become a donor, which is at least €20,- a year.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Membership can be cancelled by sender an email to bestuur@hydrofielduiken.nl. This e-mail should be sent before the 1st (first) of December. You will receive a confirmation from the membership administration.
  • What can I do with a membership?
    With a membership you can take part in any of the activities that Hydrofiel organizes. The “Snert-, knakworst and new years dive are examples. This also includes the swimming pool trainings. You can also join tips to Zeeland, Egypt and/or Denmark. There are additional costs tied to these trips.
  • I don’t have a PADI-certificate. Can I still become a member?
    Of course, that is no problem. Hydrofiel supports diving in general. It doesn’t matter whether you have certificate from PADI, SSI, GUE or another organization. Without a certification you only have access to the trainings and trips that require no certificate. For diving education you can contact DuikenIN.
  • Do you have to be an experienced diver at Hydrofiel?
    No! Beginning divers are definitely welcome.
  • I have no diving materials (yet). Can I still join the dives?
    Also if you don’t have your own material you can still join activities. Hydrofiel has special arrangements with DuikenIN. You can rent their materials at a good rate.
  • I have no transport to the dive location. Can I still join the dive?
    Yes! You can still join Hydrofiel. You can arrange transport through the WhatsApp groups. Also the dive leader can look for a solution.
  • Are the swimming pool trainings and/or weekly dives obligatory?
    No, none of the activities are obliged. When we arranged a training, but you prefer to swim freely or test your new equipment that’s also possible. The same holds for the outside dives. If you can’t join or prefer to dive somewhere else that’s no problem.
  • How can I contact someone at Hydrofiel?
    Check out the page with contact

Your question is not answered yet? Don’t hesitate to contact us!